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This page is dedicated to showcasing testimonials from real people who have gone through our ministry and received spiritual freedom!

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He was an Afghanistan Veteran. He came home with serious PTSD and had tried to commit suicide four times. Every time he left home his wife was afraid he would kill someone.  Why was this happening? He had grown up in a loving Christian home. He had given his life to Christ at a young age. What was driving this?


We discovered that one of his ancestors had committed a human sacrifice to gain power to win battles over the Romans that had invaded Britain in 43 AD. Thats a long time ago. That blood sacrifice had brought a curse of Death, Murder and Blood Lust onto the family line and that curse was at work driving him to kill. Kill either himself or someone else in anger.

I interrogated the demons and discovered the secret of the blood sacrifice hidden in his family history. He repented of and renounced the blood sacrifice and was able to break the curse tormenting his life.


The wounded parts of his soul that were affected by PTSD were gradually healed and brought to peace. He not longer battles thoughts of suicide. All the healing and expelling of demons forces were done by the power of Christ.


Today  he is a counselor and wants to help other veterans so they won’t commit suicide. 


When Jesus wins, everybody wins!


If you are thinking about seeking help because you are being spiritually tormented in any way, General Edra is the one to call. Thirteen years ago I was being tormented severely by demons. A friend had told me about Spiritual Freedom Church and General Edra, also known as Pastor Edra. I prayed about going to see her and believed that the Lord was telling me to make the call. My first appointment was scheduled for a week later. That week seemed like an eternity. 


That first session went well as did all the others. Healing takes awhile, the General told me. These wounds took several years to acquire. They are going to take several sessions to heal. I am a satanic ritual abuse survivor. My wounds were very deep.


I was praying recently and thinking about the General. Suddenly a thought came to me. And then I asked the Lord “what is it that is different spiritually about me and General Edra?” He said (with great pride) “she doesn’t just pray for miracles, she makes them happen”. 


That is so true. One such miracle she made happen is my healing. I am healed of tormenting spirits and have been a member of General Edra’s ministry team for the past eleven years.


So why am I telling you all of this? Because if you or someone you care about is being tormented by demons, I want you to be healed and set free like I was. Contact the General. Be Freed! 

Deborah Threefeathers

“Naturopathic Doctor ”

I ministered to a young woman yesterday who had gone to a Naturopathic Doctor who is into New Age evil. She had no knowledge of that. I had ministered to her before so she knew what to do when she started being attacked by a demon named Malice. The demon complained that she shut the door too fast so he couldn’t let the other ones in. That was his assignment to get in through the New Age treatment and open the door for others. We sent him to celebrate Christmas in the pit!

“Layers of Freedom”

I am so thankful to Jesus and Edra for working with me to full freedom in Christ! My deliverance journey began a few years ago. My background was paranormal and religion on any given day. Two abusive marriages and the guilt of losing three of my children to their abusive father. I created two multiple personalities - one of anger to protect the second of hurt who took the overflow of pain. I am a born again believer, serving the Lord. So, why was I such a walking mess? Many times not wanting to even be here anymore. The Lord heard my cry for help and led me to deliverance. It's been one miracle after another, session after session, peeling away that stinking onion to freedom. Working with Edra has completely changed my life. I can now live that hope in Christ with full confidence in His abilities. Thank you Edra, who, through Christ, stuck with me breaking generational curses and demonic assignments off of my life. Working with me to heal my very fragmented soul, to seeing what Christ has for me... freedom in Him!!

“Life Changing”

My experience of healing and deliverance through Spiritual Freedom Church and Pastor Edra begins back in 2009. I had delt with years of terrible depression and mental attacks throughout my whole life. I had gone to many Christian counselors and that had helped to a point. Someone shared with me about this ministry. It took many sessions to deal with the generational curses and childhood trauma to bring me healing and deliverance. I am forever grateful for this ministry that has changed my life forever.
Judy Wilson

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