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My Nativities Little Donkey...

My Nativities Little Donkey

As I took the nativity pieces out of their wrapping I saw that my little donkey’s ear had broken off. 

Sadly, I thought I would have to throw him away. I felt bad because I have had this set a long time.

But Father God spoke to my heart and said “No, don’t throw him away, his broken ear tells the story that Jesus came to heal the broken.” 

Is your life like my nativities little donkey? Is your heart broken? Relationships broken?  Dreams shattered and hope dead?  Do you have peace or are you tormented by what you have done? Haunted by what was done to you?  

Jesus Christ came to heal the brokenhearted and set people free who are held captive by evil forces. 

Whatever is broken in your life Jesus can heal you and set you free. 

Contact General Edra and start your journey to wholeness, peace and power to become all that Father God made you to be.

General Edra

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