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Welcome to the

Intangible Realm

Where demons fear to tread

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Do you have demons? Are you spiritually oppressed and seeking freedom?

We can help! 

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Mission Statement

  • Heal wounded and broken hearts

  • Free people from tormenting paranormal and demonic activity 


Pastor Edra Hays, is a highly skilled exorcist and deliverance educator and trainer who has a passion to bring the ministry that Jesus, Himself walked in, to the church today. She consistently and passionately lives out the destiny that those who have experienced the gift of exorcism can confidently walk out. This powerhouse of Word and Spirit filled tenacity, ministers to those needing freedom from demonic oppression wherever she travels and for whomever the Lord sends her way.


Her passion to minister freedom and equip others for ministry over the years has changed countless lives. Along with in person and distance ministry, she trains and consults in the Pacific Northwest, across the US and abroad.


Highly respected and always eager to learn herself, she carries a humble, confidence in the power of the Word that is only equaled by her sheer delight in seeing the enemy exposed. Her tenacity and joy, makes the sparkle in her eyes irresistible.  This speaker, educator, Jesus loving woman of God is living out her freedom and wants the same for you.

Rev. Denise Beard of Lively Hope Ministries


I have known Edra for many years, and I can truly say that she is an anointed and powerful woman of God!  She is extremely compassionate, full of Biblical knowledge, and led by the Holy Spirit!  I highly recommend her ministry; she will be a blessing to you personally and to your ministry!

Pastor James Brandt
Living Waters Chapel
Caro, Michigan



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