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Get Real With Each Other


Sunflowers are an amazing gift of nature. The meaning of sunflowers stems from their very nature - always facing the sun, they symbolize unwavering faith and constant orientation towards the light. Sunflowers are associated with positivity, happiness, and optimism. But what do Sunflowers do when the day is dark and cloudy? It is said they turn to each other as seen in the photo. Sunflowers picture for us that we need to Get Real With Each Other as members of the Body of Christ and the Family of God. James 5:16 -18 tells us to make it a common practice to be open and transparent with each other and pray for each other that we may live together whole and healed. When you are battling temptation, dealing with doubt, or discouragement, or weary from the battles of life turn to a trusted and Christ-like friend and share your struggle. Verse 18 assures us that a Red Hot prayer of a child of God has dynamite power and impact!


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